Squatter Cleanup

  • 100% Complete Sanitation & Decontamination of your Property
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Act fast and hire a professional, accredited company to restore your property or building. The longer squatter clean-up is left, the worse it will get. SES LTD is available 24/7 and can be onsite within 2 hours of receiving your phone call. We deal safely with grossly unsanitary conditions left by squatters: sharps, bodily fluids and all hazardous waste. Our state-of-the art equipment, industry best practice and highly trained technicians will return your property to a clean, safe and habitable condition.

Safe Elimination Service’s Squatter Clean-up service includes:

✓  Needle and other sharps detection and removal
✓  Clearing and Licenced disposal of waste
✓  Complete sanitation and decontamination of property
✓  Documented and certified process by an accredited company

Experience and Accredited

After securing the property to prevent re-entry of undesirable occupants we will ensure the contents are removed safely and disposed of responsibly. Our N.A.C.S.C qualified and experienced technicians will carry out a comprehensive risk assessment at the start of the clean-up. Whilst wearing the appropriate PPE the property will be cleared, disinfected and decontaminated using state-of-the-art equipment in the quickest possible time frame.

100% Guaranteed Odour Removal and Surface Decontamination Technology

We are proud to be the exclusive provider of SaniSweep  and Surface Defence technology in the South East. SaniSweep provides unparalleled protection against harmful microorganisms, affording you long-lasting decontamination and 100% odour removal. SaniSweep Surface Defence  molecularly bonds to all surfaces to form a 24/7 anti-microbial barrier. SaniSweep’s advanced mono-foil technology disrupts the cell membrane of harmful microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and fungi are quickly destroyed. The process is fully documented and you will be provided with a certificate to guarantee the process.

Why Choose Safe Elimination Services

SES Ltd are aware of the costs and inconvenience squatters cause to you, we will respond to your call within two hours and work to restore your property to a safe and habitable condition with no risk to you, your future tenants or your family.

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