Prison Cell Cleaning

This is a service for:

  • Safe decontamination and disposal, quickly allowing normal service to resume
  • Business customers

  • Domestic customers

Prison cells, police holding cells and custody areas are often the scenes of traumatic and unsanitary incidents with a high infection risk. We provide a rapid response service to clean, disinfect and decontaminate cells, 100% guaranteed decontamination. We understand the pressures of this environment and work with you flexibly to minimise disruption, using state-of-the-art infection control technology, such as SaniSweep. With a 100% decontamination guarantee, our Prison Cell Cleaning service is documented for your records, giving you peace of mind.

✓ Complete sanitation and decontamination
✓ Rapid response, efficient service, minimal disruption
✓ A professional, accredited service, documented and guaranteed
✓ Safe decontamination and disposal, quickly allowing normal service to resume

Accredited and Experienced Decontamination

HM Prison Officers and Custody Officers are responsible for the safety of prisoners whilst in custody. The presence of bodily fluids such as faeces, urine and vomit presents a high risk of infection to everyone in the environment. Cells and communal areas within prisons and police stations are often the target of ‘dirty protests’ involving the spreading of bodily fluids. The bio-hazards present pose a high risk of contamination which should be dealt with by an experienced, accredited organisation who are equipped to eliminate the risks.

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