Damp & Mould

Damp and mould are caused by moisture in buildings, which is in turn most often caused by leaky pipes, broken or missing damp proof membrane (rising damp), or damage to roof/windows letting rain seep in. Excess moisture can also be caused by condensation which forms when the air can’t hold any more moisture. Condensation problems are typically caused by cooking, showering, drying clothes indoors etc without adequate ventilation. The first step in removing mould is to remove the source of moisture in your home which will need to removed safely and effectively.

Remember to always protect yourself from mould spores by wearing goggles, gloves and a mask that covers both nose and mouth. Its best to open the windows when cleaning mould but keep all internal doors closed to prevent spores spreading throughout the home. Dispose of any mouldy soft furnishings and clothes by sealing them in a plastic bag. Please be careful not to try and brush the mould directly off the wall, as this can release mould spores into the air and make the problem worse along with the possibility of becoming ill.

Once all traces of mould have been treated and removed, we use a dry rag or towel to dry the wall. Finally, all surfaces in the room should be thoroughly cleaned by wet wiping or vacuum to remove any mould spores. However, if you have a serious or recurring mould problem, or if you have health or respiratory problems that might be aggravated by exposure to mould spores.

Our mould removal specialist can not only remove the mould effectively, they can also advise you on likely causes and how to prevent further mould problems in the future. The cost of clearing mould will vary depending on the area affected and the severity of the problem. Expect to pay anywhere from £100 to £250 to remove mould in a large room, or up to £2500 to clean mould from an entire house. These prices do not include removing the source of the moisture, and are simply the costs for removing mould from the walls and ceilings.

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