Vehicle Decontamination

Your vehicle’s air conditioning could damaging your health, here’s why

A NEW study has found that a number of harmful strands of bacteria, associated with meningitis, urinary tract infections and septic arthritis, in car air conditioning systems.

Drivers including emergency respondents in the U.K. are being encouraged to disinfect their air conditioner as it could possibly be harbouring harmful bacteria.

A new study by (Kwik Fit) and researchers at (London Metropolitan University) have revealed the potentially dangerous bacteria living in the air conditioning systems of British cars.

The bacteria found in vehicle’s is associated with meningitis, urinary tract infections and septic arthritis were among the many types found.

Roger Griggs, communications director, Kwik Fit commented: “The research shows some harmful bacteria found in the air conditioning systems which is being circulated around driver’s vehicles.

“Many of us leave our air conditioning off throughout the winter months and turn back on when the weather warms up without considering the cleanliness of the air conditioning filters.

“Over time bacteria, mould and fungi can build up on a vehicles’ air conditioning unit which can either be odourless or create a bad odour when switched on.

“If motorists leave the bacteria in place it can cause sickness and respiratory problems as it gets blown into the cabin of the vehicle and inhaled by passengers.

“We recommend that all motorists have their air conditioning debugged at least once every six months to decontaminate the system and kill the bacteria within.”Air con

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