Air & Surface Decontamination

Air and surface decontamination is an essential component of your multi-barrier strategy. Protect your workplace from cross-contamination and the spread of infection. Our accredited Air and Surface Decontamination service, with state-of-the-art techniques, provides unparalleled elimination of pathogens. Our thorough, effective sanitation programme will help to maintain a safe and hygienic environment.

100% decontamination and odour elimination guaranteed, lasts up to one year
Elimination of pathogens including MRSA, C. diff and fungal spores
Minimal disruption to your workplace
Proven technology that is documented, tested and fully certified
Accredited provider of air and surface decontamination

Safe Elimination Services Ltd is trusted to provide Air and Surface Decontamination services to a wide range of organisations across London and the South East, including: healthcare facilities, commercial kitchens, education providers, sporting facilities, hotels, offices and restaurants. As exclusive and certified providers of the specialised chemical we use, we can provide unparalleled, long-lasting protection against bacteria, viruses, fungi and their spores as well as VOCs and odour causing compounds.

100% guaranteed, environmentally safe, documented decontamination

The effective and fully documented process provides complete decontamination, leaving your environment safe and hygienic.  five stage photo-catalytic technology is environmentally safe and chemical free 8hrs after treatment as well as non-corrosive and fabric safe. Our Air and Surface decontamination treatment can be safely applied to all surfaces and environments.

Safe Elimination Services Ltd gives you the peace of mind of knowing your environment is free of contamination, 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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